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Aerial Yoga Workshop

Date: TBD

Time: 1:00-5:00 PM

Price: $65

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Our Aerial Yoga Workshop is an exhilarating and accessible experience. Whether you are a newcomer or veteran, the workshop is open to students of all ages, fitness levels and body types and offers the unique experience to explore the circus art skills as seen in Cirque du Soleil and De La Guarda. The curriculum is challenging, but fun. Participants will feel the thrill of yoga poses in mid-air and take their practice to a completely new level.

Clear, concise instruction eases you into the movements one step at a time. Even novices fly in the first class, aided by professionally trained instructors, with approximately five students per instructor.

By participating in our Aerial Yoga workshop, you strengthen your body in ways you never thought possible, increase flexibility and stamina, and improve body posture and core stability. We begin with a yoga mat warm up, then transition to simple preparatory stretches. Students are assisted in the use of exciting aerial props and acrobatic skills. Special focus will be placed on skill development and sequence building on aerial silk and partner yoga.


Come fly with us!

photo with kind permission of Firefly Aerial Acrobatics Company


Dress Code

The following clothing is required of every student in every class. It is important for your safety that you come to class properly dressed. If you arrive without proper attire, your instructor may not allow you to participate in some or all of the class.

• A unitard or leotard and leggings. A tucked-in t-shirt is not appropriate.
• Form fitting tights or work-out pants that cover the back of your knees. Please do not wear loose clothing, particularly on the legs.
• Bring a form fitting long sleeved shirt that covers your arm completely from wrist to shoulder.
• Please remove ALL jewelry including visible piercings before the start of class.
• Men are required to wear a dance belt or support brief.
• Long hair must be tied back or braided.

In addition we strongly recommend the following

• Unitards and tights made from Nylon/Spandex, or cotton/lycra blends. Slick fabrics such as parachute pants and wind pants are not appropriate.
• Wear two pairs of tights or a pair of tights underneath work-out pants (to avoid leg abrasion).
• Do not moisturize or put oil on your skin before class (this causes skin abrasion).
• To ease floor stretching, bring socks or ballet slippers.
• Wear tights that end at the calf level, to ease wrapping the silk on your leg.

Please note:

Do not touch or use any training equipment without an instructor supervising.

To protect the concentration of students in the air, we require all cell phones must be turned off before the start of class.


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Registration is first come first served. The workshop is sure to fill up, please register early.

Full tuition is due upon registration. Tuition and fees are non-refundable.















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